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Organizational and Technical Training for Construction Production after concluding a contract on the construction site, design, technical and cost estimate documentation will be handed over to our technical department for engineering preparation. The preparation includes the following stages:

  • To introduce project and technical documentation for engineers and technical personnel;
  • Works production project development;
  • Draw up the list and delivery schedule of the necessary materials and equipment, indicating suppliers and quantities. Contract with suppliers;
  • Site preparation works: Fencing of territories, removal of temporary communications, arrangement of warehouse temporary structures and open grounds, construction waste and grid from the construction site, unit geodesic facilities of the facilities, etc.);
  • Choosing and recruiting workers’ brigades;

Conduct training and instruction in the field of labor protection and safety on the workplace;

the works are divided into the following stages:

  • Building land works;
  • Building base arrangement works;
  • Building foundation arrangement works;
  • Arrangement of the floating structures of each floor above the building blocks;
  • Arrangement of building roofs;
  • Arrangement of non-smasher constructions;
  • External and internal framing works;
  • Improvement works.

Workers are provided with special Clothes, protective helmets, special Shoes and individual protective means. The construction and installation works on the site are carried out at the highest professional level, in terms of construction norms and regulations, as well as the requirements of other normative acts in construction and full guarantee of the quality of works performed. The customer is entitled to invite special services at any time, to verify the quality of the construction and installation works that will be attended by our company representative. Face-lifting materials purchase is carried out after a prior agreement with the customer.